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Meet Shawn Walton, Executive Director and Anika Ji, Executive Producer

Shawn Walton


Shawn Walton

Executive Director

Shawn Walton is a survivor; for 28 years I've survived. From struggling to read and write at a very young age. To learning to do it all at a much older age, to learning to conduct and hold an intellectual conversation. Many have called me a fool, stupid, funny, and much worse but I survived. So, I’m being told you're not reading at a 12th grade level you're reading at an 8th grade level. I found more work to do in order to leave school with a diploma. So again, I fought the school system that labeled me basic. I pushed and graduated with my diploma.

Not knowing what to do like most young people. I found a job but not a career, in security, my first day found out I hated it. Was terminated only two weeks after. First job out of high school was a failure. Walking the streets of New York City lead me to a military office recruitment center. Failed the test first try second time was the charm. Boot camp here I come, the military was very rewarding. But life in service to this country, friends gained, friends lost but a life lesson earned. War shows you how to be human to care and show compassion. Found my first love again odd story but mines. Injured sent home with a broken heart and body. Pain from my past now catches me, the lost gets to me. The war was over for me but another battle still to be had with depression. Had it years before but it always came and went. This time depression and anxiety took over. I fought with my new found friend my words. Found that if I took the pain I felt and turned it into something more that I’d be better off so I did.

Wrote my first book. The secret kingdom for the freaks and weirdos. Still feeling pain I decided to help others with their own pain. Went to school and became a EMT got a job as an EMT soon and moved up the ranks quickly but my pain only grew the weight of others pain weighed me down. Even lost my partner to illness of the heart and a crash only one walked away from. At this point my own death felt like the best way to quiet the voices the losses and so I tried failed twice. So I left that job to come to find myself as an Uber driver. Liked this job meeting people heading the stories. But with a low ranked service job. I found myself fighting each day to get out of bed. So I wrote again. But then one day I just stopped and I went cold numb. Then I met someone who shared there pain there life with me seeing their pain. Made me change my story I began to write again. That’s where Elementus came to be I took and took all my failures and all of my pain and put into something beautiful. Shawn walton isn’t the simple guy here appears. Time changes a person and people do too. Shawn takes with him the lives that changed him.

Anika Ji


Anika Ji

Executive Producer

AJ, aka Anika Jennie Ji, Born and raised in Shanghai, China.  AJ came with her mother to New York at the age of 14 with the absence of her father and only her and her mother living in New York.  Anika learned quickly that in this world we had to fight to make our way whether we have others backing us. Her strength is what held her up in the long battles in learning the ways of a new country and the people. She worked two jobs to put myself through college earning a bachelor's degree in finance.  After a few years of interning at a few top investment banks, Anika decided to take a trip back to China which changed her life completely. She got picked by Universal Media Group HK as a talent. Soon enough she made her first movie debut, Protégé de la Rose Noire directed by the famous director Donnie Yen, (IP Man).  Soon after that, she worked on a few other major films both in HK and China. To view more info about her and previous work please visit her website at www.anikaji.com.

AJ returned to NYC three years ago. Now she owns a boutique consulting company in the city also a licensed real estate agent .  She is a multi-talented career driven woman. Who has seized every opportunity in her life. “The elementus” is her first project as a producer. One of many to come she has taken her weaknesses and the misguided trust that has been lost to her and used it as a fuel to bring her to the next step in her journey.